You can count on our experienced team of carpenters at Deck out Geelong to create a beautiful outdoor space that you love spending time on. However, the cumulative effects of time, exposure to the elements and wear will take a toll on your deck. Regular maintenance is important for the longevity and continued great condition of your deck.

However, if you are like many other homeowners in the Geelong area, you may be overwhelmed about how to properly maintain a deck. Our team at Deck out Geelong will continue to support you over the years with professional deck maintenance. Do you prefer to care for your deck yourself? We are always happy to offer expert-level advice so that you can show your deck the full attention that it needs over the years.

The deck maintenance process always starts with an assessment of the structure’s current condition. We will look for any damage and identify what needs to be done. This enables us to tailor our efforts and to produce the best results possible. We exclusively use high-quality, proven products that our team has trusted for many years. These are products that allow us to rejuvenate the drab look of your deck to your satisfaction. Before we apply any products, we can repair any damaged stirrups, posts, frame and decking boards. Once the structure is in great shape, the surface can be cleaned, and fresh decking oil applied.

Decks require periodic maintenance over the years. The best time to complete maintenance on your deck is before damage has occurred. We can work closely with you to create a regular maintenance schedule for your deck so that you can conveniently stay on top of its needs.

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